[Marxism] Former Cuban Counterintelligence Chief Denies Involvement in JFK Assassination

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Thu Jan 26 20:47:01 MST 2006

For Immediate Release Former Cuban Counterintelligence Chief Denies
in JFK Assassination

Fabián Escalante, former Cuban counterintelligence chief named in an article
published in the Miami Herald January 18 as implicated in the Kennedy
assassination, has denied any personal involvement and has reiterated that
the Cuban government was in no way involved in the crime.

This is not the first time Cuba has been fingered as responsible for
plotting to kill the US President, but this is the first time Escalante has
been named specifically for playing a part in the assassination.

The article by Cuban exile Carlos Alberto Montaner claims that Escalante was
in Dallas the day of the assassination, a fact that Escalante emphatically
denies. In his own book, to be published by Ocean Press in April (JFK: The
Cuba Files), Escalante explains he was 22 and the head of a
counterintelligence unit that was meeting in Havana on November 22, 1963, to
discuss attempts to block the numerous terrorist attacks being launched
against Cuba from Miami at the time. “The assassination of John F. Kennedy,
the US president, made a deep impression on me, as was the case with all my
comrades, in spite of the fact that he was one of our fiercest adversaries.”

Escalante further states that he has never been in Mexico City, where, as
alleged in a new German documentary, “Rendezvous with Death: Castro and
Kennedy,” he paid Oswald $6500 for the “job.” He also questions the sources
cited in the documentary, and in particular, challenges the credentials of
some of those interviewed.  Faces were never shown and names never mentioned
in the documentary, Escalante comments, but if they were indeed “former
agents of Cuban intelligence” as alleged, “we would know who they are,”  he

Now retired, General Fabián Escalante was later head of counterintelligence
and led Cuba’s investigation into the Kennedy assassination, an
investigation undertaken at the request of the US government after the
Senate Commission chaired by Frank Church exposed numerous CIA plots to kill
foreign political leaders. The Cuban report, drafted by Escalante and which
is the primary source for his book, JFK: The Cuba Files, concluded that the
US President had himself become a target of this “Executive Action”
assassination program.

According to Fabián Escalante, Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy among
all those who had a grudge against the president: the CIA, the Mafia, and
the anti-Castro Cuban exiles. In his book, he names two Cuban exiles as
additional shooters in Dallas on that fateful day in November 1963.

About the author:

General Fabián Escalante (right) is a former chief of Cuban
counterintelligence. He is the author of a series of books, “The Secret
 War,” which includes JFK: The Cuba Files; The Cuba Project: CIA Covert
Operations Against Cuba 1959-62; and 634 Plots to Kill Fidel Castro.

About the book:

JFK: The Cuba Files

The Untold Story of the Plot to Kill Kennedy

By Fabián Escalante

1-920888-14-4  paper  200 pp  $16.95

To be published April 2006

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