[Marxism] Bush's approval rating at all-time low

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 27 07:43:12 MST 2006

(Make sure to read the final line in this excerpt from an article that is 
far too long to post to the list.)

LA Times, January 27, 2006  	
Bush's Ratings Sink, but Trust Remains
By Ronald Brownstein, Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — As President Bush prepares for next week's State of the Union 
address, he faces widespread discontent over his job performance and the 
nation's direction that could threaten his party in the 2006 election, a 
Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found.

In the survey, 43% of Americans said they approved of Bush's performance as 
president — his weakest showing ever in a Times poll.

He received even lower marks for his handling of the economy, healthcare 
and Iraq — especially from women, who the poll found had turned against him 
on several fronts. And by a 2-1 ratio, those surveyed said the nation 
needed to change direction from the overall course Bush had set.

But most of those surveyed believed Bush's policies had made the nation 
more secure. And a plurality say they trusted him more than they did 
Democrats to protect the country against terrorism — advantages that could 
help Republicans defend their House and Senate majorities in November.

The poll found a majority still willing to take tough steps to reduce the 
risk of terrorism — including surrendering some of their civil liberties 
and supporting military action against Iran if it continues to advance 
toward developing nuclear weapons.

The contrasting findings frame what could be a crucial dynamic in this 
year's elections: Whether broad, though slightly eroded, confidence in 
Bush's handling of terrorism will outweigh persistent dissatisfaction over 
his performance on domestic concerns and the war in Iraq.

The Times/Bloomberg poll, supervised by Times Poll Director Susan Pinkus, 
surveyed 1,555 adults Sunday through Wednesday; its margin of error is plus 
or minus 3 percentage points.

The poll findings pose another key question: Can Democrats significantly 
benefit from discontent over Bush and the congressional GOP majority while 
suffering their own image problems?

Just 36% expressed a favorable opinion of congressional Democrats, whereas 
45% viewed them unfavorably. That's statistically the same as the showing 
for congressional Republicans, who were viewed favorably by 38% and 
unfavorably by 44%.

"I was watching the news 
 and I heard nothing from the Democrats," said 
Dez Jackson, 20, a cashier in Greenville, S.C., who was sharply critical of 
the president in the survey. "What are they, afraid to speak up?"




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