[Marxism] Munich, Reviewers Missing Impetus Behind Black September?

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 09:08:19 MST 2006

I think that this review, while generally okay, does
not mention the impetus behind the 72 hostage taking:
the onslaught/slaughter of Palestinian guerillas and
civilians in Jordanian guerilla bases and refugee
camps.  My recollection of this, I think from _The Gun
and the Olive Branch_, is that Israel and the U.S.
pushed the Jordanian gov't, their U.S. puppet, to
crush the PLO, which was primarily stationed in Jordan
at the time.  The Jordanian army was sent in,
thousands of Palestinians were killed and the PLO was
pushed into Lebanon.  This happened in September
(71?)  The Angry Arab blog didn't mention this either.
  Thus the group Black September was named after the
onslaught which killed thousands of Palestinians. 
Ignoring this continues the morality that 11 Jews are
worth more than thousands of Palestinians.  However, I
do agree with other posters that "Munich" seems to be
on balance a good thing as it is condemns Israeli
assassinations of Palestinians, and forces dialogue,
whatever one thinks of Palestinian-Israeli-Western
actions in September of 1972.
Alex Briscoe
  Below is the review of "Spielberg's "Munich" in
today's Mornign Star:

Munich (15)
(Friday 27 January 2006)
Directed by Stephen Spielberg
  JEFF SAWTELL watches as Stephen Spielberg throws a
spanner in the 
works and gives us his view of the events in Israel in

Not since Schindler's List has Stephen Spielberg
provoked such 
controversy. You may remember that, following his
Holocaust tale, he 
included an epilogue that was effectively a recruiting
film for Israel.

With his new film Munich, about Israel's attempt to
assassinate the 
Palestinians responsible for organising the attack on
their athletes 
at the 1972 Olympics, Spielberg has managed to upset
people in both camps.

Based on George Jonas's controversial book Vengeance
as interpreted 
by scriptwriters Tony Kushner and Eric Roth, it's
supposed to be an 
account according to the former Mossad agent Yuval

Naturally, the zionists accuse Spielberg of being
despite the fact that critics in the other camp
criticise him for 
failing to illustrate the extent of the Palestinian

Spielberg counters this by insisting that Schindler
proved that he 
wasn't anti-Israel and that he's simply asking
questions about the 
immorality of illegally executing Israel's enemies.

Understandably, since all of the major characters are
Jewish, critics 
have pointed out that the Palestinian characters are,
with one 
exception, largely the terrorist image of Israeli

Quite simply, if you didn't know anything about the
events, you might 
just see it as an overlong action film about Israeli
terrorising Arab terrorists before some of the former
see the error 
of their ways.

For those who haven't a clue what happened in 1972,
the film opens 
with a review of events as seen by the Western media -
a group 
sneaking over the fence and taking 11 hostages.

They are members of Black September, a faction of the
Fedayeen who 
were prepared to sacrifice themselves to draw
international attention 
to Israel's criminal occupation of Palestine.


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