[Marxism] re: Bush's approval rating at all-time low

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 27 09:14:32 MST 2006

Junaid wrote:
>Well let's see, from the polls we see the biggest plurality by far is of 
>the "stay in Iraq forever" type at 40%. And a majority supports less civil 
>liberties as well as a military attack on Iran. Nice...you know, there is 
>a reason the Democrats don't adopt any of our socialist positions. If they 
>did, the American people would hand them their ass on a plate for the next 
>12 years.

What socialist positions are you talking about? The only positions that 
make sense in this time in history are for peace and justice. The reason 
the Democrats don't put them forward is not because they fear losing 
elections but that they are against peace and justice.

>To have an electorally- viable socialist platform, you need a viable 
>socialist-minded public, and no political party is going to "waste" 
>election cycles as an investment on creating that consciousness. Americans 
>are no better than Israelis in their public mindset now (how appropo); 
>security before everything and anything is the slogan. And, also like the 
>Israelis, by "security" we mean, security for our ability to impose 
>insecurity on our weaker darker subjects, without reaping the consequences.

This is far too pessimistic. 10s of thousands of workers are about to lose 
their jobs in auto. The economic contradictions of capitalism will do more 
to open peoples' minds than any leaflet. Let's have a little patience.



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