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Junaid, I think this was an excellent analysis of Mid-west (and other places)
politics. While I wouldn't necessarily agree about the author's implication
that voting Democratic Party is 'left', that the former constituents of the
Democrats now voting Republican is fascinating and pretty much spot-on correct.
It was, overall, a very depressing sort of analysis but without leadership in
the 'other direction' the autor is correct that is appears to remain this way
for a long, long time.

Then again, the author sort of describes a continual slow de-industrialization
going on ad infinitum. I think other things, much worse, are in store. The
combination of the dollar's slide, high interest rates (it's almost *stopped*
the white-hot California real-estate market) and the *abandonment of the
dollar* by petro-powers and newly emerging countries like Brazil and China
could actually crash the US economy and make everything now look good. How that
will effect the political culture of places like Ohio remains to be seen.


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