RE [Marxism] MTA threatens to eliminate check-off

robert montgomery ilyenkova at
Sat Jan 28 09:57:02 MST 2006

I agree with previous posts that personal dues collection is at best
impracticable today, and at worst can be a union buster, as in the MTA
case. On a related point, I think the old practice of stewards
greeting new hires with a copy of the contract (preferably
pocket-sized), and an explanation of the union's function and purpose;
rights and responsibilities of membership; meeting times and other
organizational norms; and, in most cases today, discussing the "agency
fee" vs "member" option, has pretty much become a lost practice that
needs to be restored. Starting a new job, scoping out the boss and the
work group can be alienating enough, without a new hire looking at
his/her 1st pay check and seeing a deduction that reads, "Local
12345." Whenever I start a union job and find that the local does this
I arrrange a meeting with the steward or resident officer and talk
about orientation and education. This works better if you volunteer to
organize a ctte on new member orientation; it really pisses off the
worksite rep to just get a lecture on correct practice from a bigmouth
newbie-- a mistake I have made.

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