[Marxism] Skype

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 28 12:11:22 MST 2006

When me and the wife were in Turkey, we learned about Skype from her old 
friend Nesa. This basically allows you to make phone calls over the 
Internet without paying a penny as long as you have the software installed 
on either end. You can use a cheap microphone and the computer's speakers 
instead of a phone, or you can buy a phone or headset that can be plugged 
into a USB port from the Skype website. My wife called Nesa in Istanbul the 
other day and was pleased to discover that the sound quality is better than 
Pingo's, a service we use that is based on payment in advance and that 
costs 11 cents a minute for a call to Turkey.

Since Skype allows up to five people to speak to each other in a conference 
call, it might be useful for online conversations on an occasional basis. 
For example, we could designate sessions in which somebody from Argentina, 
Turkey, Brazil, etc. to answer questions about the political situation in 
their country and to get to know other Marxmail comrades on a more personal 
basis. The latest release of Skype actually includes a webcam capability so 
we can see Nestor or whoever.

Of course, anything like this involves security considerations but not so 
much more than those involved with posting to a Marxism list in the first 

I should mention that Skype was developed by the same programmers who 
developed kazaa, for what that's worth.

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