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Comrade JB should have no trouble discerning his position, and any
misinterpretations from the following:

1. JB and others call those who disagree with his "national salvation"
position 'ultra-leftist. ' That's just one more example of the general
imprecision and misapprehension the infuses every "point" of the
national salvation program.   Those characterized as  'ultra-left' do
not reject electoral activity.  They do not reject work in unions.  They
do not reject political struggle.  They are not abstentionists on issues
of social welfare.  They support united front actions with  working
class, indigenous and rural poor groups.

2. JB, as spokesperson for the national salvationists, complains that
the ultra lefts have not presented a systematic exposition of the ultra
left position.  That claim is remarkable, and remarkably mistaken,
since, as opposed to the salvationists posturing over national
self-determination, the ultra lefts have repeatedly explored the actual
economic triggers to the events in Bolivia; have consistently pointed to
the actual working class content of the apparent "national" struggle;
have taken on forthrightly the real history of the national revolution
under the MNR; have discussed the issue of land, agricultural
production, and the history of collective agricultural labor that so
distinguishes the indigenous society from the colonization under Spain,
and the stunted capitalism that follows it.

3. Without presuming too much, it is safe to say that the salvationists
seem to agree on a "progressive" component of local, national
capitalism, and local, national bourgeoisie in the eruption of
resistance; in the conflict between means and relations of production
that takes on such acute dimensions in the  economies of Latin America.
It is much more accurate to refer to the national salvationists as
"center rights," than to refer its opposition as "ultra-left."

4. The center right's progressive misapprehension, and misapprehended
progressivism leads JB, and others, in identifying the government of
Brazil as somehow resistant to international capitalism when in fact the
integration of Brazil into that capitalism, and its servicing of
international debt at the expense of the workers, has increased.  The
center rightists then continue on their progressive path to find a
barrier to imperialism in Mercosur; and Brazil's actions in the WTO in
concert with Thailand and Australia against EU sugar subsidies.  And I'm
sure, if they try real hard, the center rightists will find some
salvation in, and some salvation for, the occupation of Haiti by troops
from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and police from China.

5. In opposition to wishing, hoping, embracing national salvation, the
ultras have insisted on just two things regarding Bolivia-- make that
three things: calling a constituent assembly; nationalization of the
productive machinery and petroleum reserves; protection of those
self-organized structures of the united front of workers and poor that
emerged during the general strikes and demonstrations.

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