[Marxism] Pride & Prejudice

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sun Jan 29 13:34:04 MST 2006

> Brian Shannon wrote:
>> Louis could have said more about Edward Said's comments on Mansfield
>> Park, in my opinion one of Austen's less successful works although
>> one that improves on rereading, had he seen the movie Mansfield Park.
>> This is an excellent movie that shares some of Edward Said's outlook.
> With immense respect to Said, nevertheless his account of _Mansfield
> Park_, Austen's greatest novel, and perhaps the greatest novel in
> English, was very nearly pure horseshit. (See Susan Fraiman, "Jane
> Austen and Edward Said: Gender, Culture, and Imperialism," Critical
> Inquiry, Summer95, Vol. 21 Issue 4, for a severe critique of Said's
> account.) The lens through which one can _begin_ to see the power  
> of MP
> is Aunt Norris, a towering figure of evil, who systematically  
> corrupts,
> blocks, twists every human relationship which she touches. Iago is a
> mischievous boy scout in comparison.
> Carrol

Austen, Shakespeare, Iago et al.

Who is the real Carroll Cox?

Why are you reading this stuff, when you won't tolerate arguments  
over the Russian Revolution?

Thank goodness, my short-term memory isn't totally gone.

However, re Said, I'm in the same boat that Louis is with Austen.  
Haven't read him. However, wasn't Said commenting on what what lies  
behind Mansfield Park as does the book. Now I'll have to look at the  
book again. There should be an "Classics" version with the long dry  
passages left out.


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