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January 30, 2006 -- In this issue:

Note from the Editor: The corporate media continues to feed off the hands
of the Bush administration, regurgitating the PR into even more-watered-
down sound bites, or merely spitting it into a napkin and discretely
throwing it away. From the reporting on the NSA wiretapping to the
complete ignoring of Al Gore's critical speech on the matter, Deck
Deckert asks us to consider whether the media is guilty of careless
reporting or unrelenting support for the administration and war. It would
be interesting indeed if the media were to question the hypocrisy of
Bush's so-called "culture of life" agenda, in the face of the culture of
death being waged on the weak and the vulnerable. Jan Baughman has some
thoughts on the "Man's World" of Bush and the Pope, and perhaps some
insight into their hidden agenda. Milo Clark looks to science fiction, in
particular Robert Heinlein, as cultural prophecy -- prescient, for
example, in his prediction of the rise of religious fanaticism. Truth
being stranger than fiction may account for our failure to learn from
history; whether it is the truth behind America's entry into World War II
or Iraq War II, Philip Greenspan explores the parallels.

Today's dissidents (activists?) could certainly learn from the books of
Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin, imprisoned in 1937 and subsequently executed,
a victim of Stalin's police state tactics. Louis Proyect reviews the
recently published "Philosophical Arabesques," one of four superb books
written by Bukharin while in prison. (A propos, Proyect's very first
review for Swans, back in February 2003, was another Bukharin novel, "How
it All Began." Read both!) Switching gears to another 1930s creation, the
remake of King Kong, as deconstructed by Charles Marowitz, proves once
again that one cannot do justice to a classic -- but the review itself is
classic Marowitz at his incensed finest. Michael Yonchenko, for his part,
impersonates Martha Stewart in a desperate and humorous attempt to resist
the hypnotic effects of his hungry canine companion.

Next, we offer poetry by Gerard Donnelly Smith and William T. Hathaway;
then the Blips are back covering such tidbits as the Samuel Alito Senate
confirmation, the Israeli-Palestinian predicament, war profiteers,
American justice, the commonality of Mr. Bush and Bernard-Henri Lévy, and
much more; finally, your letters round out this edition.

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes)
know about Swans.


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Report No Evil
- Deck Deckert

This Is A Man's World
- Jan Baughman

What Is Science Fiction?
- Milo Clark

Are US Citizens As Gullible As The "Good Germans" Were?
- Philip Greenspan

Nikolai Bukharin's "Philosophical Arabesques"
- Book Review by Louis Proyect

Monkey Business
- Film Review by Charles Marowitz

The Top Of The Day Always Starts At The Bottom
- Michael Yonchenko

Escape Mechanism
- Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith

San Diego
- Poem by William T. Hathaway

Blips #33
- From The Editor's Desk

Your Letters


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