[Marxism] My review of Philosophical Arabesques

Ben Courtice benj2006 at connexus.net.au
Tue Jan 31 01:42:54 MST 2006

Jim Farmelant wrote
 > some of Bukharin's most interesting ideas concerning Marxist 
philosophy such as his extensions of Marxism into ecology, owe more than 
a little to the influence of Bogdanov who was one of the pioneers of 
ecological Marxism.

I'm just about to dig into Louis' review. However I just wanted to ask: 
are you sure Bogdanov pioneered ecological Marxism? I know he pioneered 
parks (I think it was) as part of the "Proletkult" movement but I had 
heard (I think it was in an early ECS journal) that he was otherwise 
quite crude in his views about subjugating nature to human ends.

If anyone has info on this I'd be very interested as I'm (gradually) 
trying to read my way through the main Marxist writings on the 
environment. (did Bogdanov write anything that's been translated into 
English? Or even French, which I read a bit?)

Ben Courtice

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