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 Trotsky's work on the proletarian, social character of the forthcoming
revolution in Russia predates the events of February 1905 by two years.
His popularity with the Petrograd proletariat stems precisely from his
writings, speeches, and activity of the 1903,1904, Jan 05 period in
which he mercilessly exposes the sham of liberal democracy, a "liberal"
bourgeoisie, and the futile idealism of capitalist development.

Trotsky's ideas were "correct" but unacceptable at the time?  Not
hardly.  Not to the workers of Petrograd; not to the soldiers' and
sailors' committees.

It's not as if soviets were formed by workers who read Trotsky or Lenin
or Martov and decided 'hey, let's set up a workers council and see if we
get democratic dictatorship, classical capitalism, or socialism.'  The
soviets originated in the factory/strike committees, and the soldiers'
and sailors' self-defense groups against their officers.  But the
significance of the soviets was precisely in their united class front
character; their class distinction from that of bourgeois parties, and a
bourgeois government.

Did Trotsky's theory have to be incorporated into a Bolshevik program?
Only if the Bolsheviks wanted to supplant the Mensheviks as the main
party of the soviets ; only if the Bolsheviks wanted to lead a
revolution to power.

Again, in 1917, Trotsky's views of the social, class, character of the
Russian Revolution were well known; by Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, left
SR's, Cadets, and most importantly by the Russian workers themselves.

History, that is to say, the actual actions of the classes involved in
the class struggle, proved the accuracy of the theory of continuous,
telescope revolution.  It also proved the impossibility of capitalist
development in Russia; and the inadequacy of "democratic-dictatorship of
proletariat and peasantry."  There was no liberal capitalist phase of
the revolution; there was no democratic-dictatorship of proletariat and

The point being that Trotsky's analyses are valid, based not on his
intellectual brilliance, but on their correct apprehension of the roles
the contending classes will and must play in a revolutionary struggle.
As such, the analysis of telescoped, permanent revolution indictates
certain actions, tactics, strategy essential to the success of the class
struggle, regardless of Trotsky's deference to Lenin.


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