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> Reading the deals
> made by Morales with both the regional Prefects and Repsol is that
> everything was cast as a victory for Morales program. I think some
> here used 'major' victory. Can you explain?
> David

Dear David,

First of all, I am not reading those deals in detail because I am 
quite busy here, organizing a Support Bolivia group and other things. 
 So that, as you see, I am not in the best position to provide more 

I simply know Repsol as my enemy, and as Evo's enemy.  For the time 
being, that's enough analysis for me as far as my political action is 
concerned, and I am primarily a politician not an analyst.  I 
understand that this might not be the case with you, which I deplore 
but can't modify.

But, as a secondary and side comment:  What I can say is that in 
spite of overwhelming pro-Morales vote on the national polls, certain 
local authorities (particularly the Tarija Prefect) have reaped 
enough votes to force Morales to make deals with them, deals which of 
course will become a problem in attaining the basic objectives of 

It is not the task of Morales to send stormtroopers to Tarija, but to 
negotiate with the elected authorities.  It is _our_ task to denounce 
those authorities internationally so that we can help the task of 

There is a saying in the _Martín Fierro_, not very accurate from the 
point of view of physics but most accurate from the point of view of 
history and politics:  "Hasta el pelo más delgado deja su sombra en 
el suelo" (Even the slimmest hair casts a shadow on the soil)

I would honestly suggest that this is our moment to cast our shadow 
on the soil on this issue, however slim it is.  Thus, I don't find it 
a moment for further analysis.  If the struggle of Morales against 
secessionists deserves our support, then let us give it to him.  When 
-and if- we ever can offer the Bolivians a better leadership than 
this one they have chosen now, things will be different.  

But if we don't give him immediate and full support on this 
particular issue now, we shall never be that alternative (and 
presumably better) leadership, we shall never be interesting for the 
Bolivian masses.

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