[Marxism] Book reference land ownership in Palestine

M. Junaid Alam alam at lefthook.org
Tue Jan 31 11:14:34 MST 2006

"Historical abstraction?" What puerile idiocy. Yes, whether the real 
owners, those who lived and tilled the land for centuries, were 
expropriated and expelled, is merely an historical abstraction!

Anyway, on to the point: whatever source you are citing is quite 
mendacious. The Israeli 'new historians' have confirmed the figures put 
forth by Rashid Khalidi decades ago: before the UN Partition Plan was 
put forth in 1947, the Jewish settlers owned merely 7% of the land. The 
rest of the land was under Arab ownership, control, residence, etc. The 
idea that any of the land could be "publicly owned" and therefore handed 
over from one colonial power to the next, and then to the next, is an 
absurd postulation. It's not as if the Ottomans or the British had the 
right to hand over the land. More to the point: how were hundreds of 
thousands of Arabs living in Palestine outside of that mythical "16%" of 
land driven out? Surely not by legal degree. Why did Israel need to wage 
a massive campaign of murder and ethnic cleansing to  snatch 78% of 
Palestine if it was "legally" nobody's land in particular? It's just 

There is no way to read through Zionist falsifications and try to spit 
out counters; it's like jumping into a sewer and trying to wipe the shit 
off your arse. To really understand what happened you need to read 
through a few of the books of the post-Zionist historians, the Israeli 
historians who actually went through the declassified state archives. 
For this issue in particular, see Benny Morris' "1948 and after." Though 
Morris half-denies his own cited evidence by saying the Zionist 
expulsion of Palestinians was not planned, but merely ad hoc, there is a 
methodical discussion of how the Zionists forced and encouraged 
Palestinians to flee, and then denied re-entry to those who tried to 
return. There is even an internal report written by the main Zionist 
army, which makes no mention of any mythical "public lands." Instead, 
the report flatly admits the army was happy to see Arabs fleeing as a 
result of invasions of Arab villages, and proposed new  methods of 
terror for continuing the trend.

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