[Marxism] Coalition of Intolerance includes Cuba

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jan 31 13:10:27 MST 2006

At 02:58 PM 1/31/2006, you wrote:
>If I'm reading this right, Cuba voted with the U.S.,
>Iran, China, and 6 other nations in backing a Tehran
>initiative to deny U.N. access to two organizations
>that advocate the rights of sexual minorities. A Human
>Rights Watch official referred to the 10 nations as "a
>coalition of the homophobic."
>Michael D.

This was a reference to a vote taken a couple of years ago at least against 
giving official recognition to a group called the International Lesbian and 
Gay Association (ILGA) . It had castigated Cuba for that vote, but 
eventually took a different view. In a report that dealt with this and 
related questions, an ILGA representative had this to say after visiting Cuba:

Talking with the lesbian and gays there, we were able to see:

a) Neither institutional nor penal repression exists against lesbians and 

b) There are no legal sanctions against lgbt people.

c) People are afraid of meeting and organizing themselves. It is mainly 
based on their experience in previous years, but one can assume that this 
feeling will disappear in the future if lesbians and gays start to work and 
keep working and eventually get support from the government. (The National 
Center for Sexual Education is offering this support).

d) "Transformismo" is well accepted by the majority of the Cuban population

e) There is indeed a change in the way people view homosexuality, but this 
does not mean the end of discrimination and homophobia. The population is 
just more tolerant with lesbians and homosexuals.

f) Lesbians and gays do not consider fighting for the right to marriage, 
because that institution in Cuba does not have the same value that it has 
in other countries. Unmarried and married people enjoy equal rights.

We were able to learn much and on very important matters as well. For instance,

Maternity and paternity are issues the National Center for Sexual Education 
is ready to work on. If lesbians or gays want to, they can access a program 
of assisted fertility...

The Federation of Women of Cuba, also offered a space to support the 
initiatives and concerns of lesbian women.

The Martin Luther King Center, which depends on the Baptist Church, 
develops a program for liberating sexual minorities and for the acceptance 
of sexual diversity.

Felix Varela Center gave us a very interesting video that tells of the 
process that sexual minorities have made in Cuba.

Sexual minorities seem to be living better times now in Cuba. In the medium 
term, even better than the rest of Latin America. There is much I could say 
on this, but time does not permit now.



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