[Marxism] Narnia

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 31 13:13:34 MST 2006

A couple comments on Louis' post on the Narnia movie:
  " If it is meant as Christian propaganda, one has to wonder if it is   subverting its own goals through the inclusion of witches, fauns, centaurs   and other creatures drawn from the ranks of mythology."
  The bios of Lewis and of Tolkien quote the latter criticizing Lewis for  creating a grab bag of mythologies and thus a literary product that  didn't seem to hold together.
  This is quite ironic, as the turning point of the conversation in which  Tolkien (and their mutual friend Hugo Dyson) converted Lewis to  accepting not only God but Jesus was precisely when Tolkien argued for  the value of ALL myths, the
  only difference being that Christ's resurrection was a "true" myth (see Tolkien's
  poem "Mythopoeia" recounting his argument in poem form). Despite the
  difference over their respective literary products, both Tolkien and Lewis shared
  an attachment to Nordic myths -- which raises an interesting question for
  we Marxists, i.e. how could such seemingly disparate types of myths,
  Christian and pagan Nordic, be so attractive to the same person? Part of the
  answer of course is their common roots in feudal and prefeudal civilizations [sic].
  Finally: "I doubt that any child will be converted to Christianity as a   result of watching such a film."
  Probably true, as it's typical of Disney's ham-handed efforts and not its
  more effective animated ones. BUT -- it will draw even more readers to the
  immensely popular and readable books which do a good job of achieving
  Lewis' intention: to present the Christian message in a more palatable
  form for children. The books, as Tolkien again pointed out, are extremely
  ham-handed in their own way (you feel Aslan is being shoved down your
  throat), but nonetheless pull you in to the extent you're prepared to be
  sucked into an adventure story in which the good father saves the helpless
  child -- which we've all been prepared emotionally for by our upbringing
  in our civilization [sic].
  Once again, we should all be pushing Pullman as a counterweight.  

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