[Marxism] Book on Sectarianism in the Anti-Capitalist Movement

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Tue Jan 31 16:17:54 MST 2006

Some of you may find this book of interest. The author has put it
all up on his website below. Chapter 3 on postwar left sectarian
politics traces the history of the SLL/WRP. I don't know and have
never met Roy Ratcliffe. Make of it what you will.

Jack Cade

'Revolutionary Humanism and the Anti-Capitalist Struggle'
By Roy Ratcliffe


Introduction and overview 

Part One: Anti-Capitalism without Humanism

Part Two: Post-Capitalism without Humanism

Part Three: Beneficial Association or Capitalist Exploitation

Part Four: Anti-Capitalist Struggle: Reform or Revolution


Part One: Anti-Capitalism without Humanism

The struggle against capital reached a high-point in the 19th and
20th centuries. This was a period in which great anti-capitalist
struggles took place. It also witnessed the birth of various
political movements with political parties dedicated to the
overthrow of capitalism. The predominant motivation for the
majority of ordinary activists taking part in those
anti-capitalist struggles, was humanitarian and humanist.
Millions of ordinary citizens around the world joined and
campaigned in those political movements. They did so because they
rejected some, or all, of the inhuman conditions and inhumane
practices of the capitalist system. It was this humanist
rejection, which provided the motive force of the anti-capitalist
movement of that period. Yet because anti-capitalism at that time
lacked an explicit and consistent humanist core, its leadership
and many of those who remained active in the movement, became
imbued with the same negative values as the capitalist system,
namely, Arrogance, Elitism, Ruthlessness, Competition,
Deviousness and Dishonesty. Those characteristics continued to
survive within the anti-capitalist movement, throughout the 20th
century. The generic term by which these negative characteristics
are commonly known within the anti-capitalist struggle, is

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