[Marxism] Misgivings on Evo

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Jan 31 16:25:30 MST 2006

RRubinelli writes:

"I agree that all should work to oppose the "balkanization" of 
Bolivia-- the autonomizaton of Santa Cruz, etc.  And I, as I am sure 
almost all others, will raise just that position at meetings of 
ANSWER, etc.

But one question for Nestor:  If Morales decides to cut a deal, 
allowing for just such Balkanization, or some variation of it that 
weakens the struggle, strengthens the autonomists, what then?  

Just a question for future consideration..."

1) I am glad that on this issue we shall be on the same side, dear RR 
man, and you know I am sincere here. BTW please don't think so much 
about Santa Cruz as about Tarija, where the first administrative 
guerrilla is already launched.

2) The _basic and essential_ goal of Morales is to keep the country 
unified and oil/gas under Bolivian sovereignty.  This is objective (a 
necessity) and subjective (an expressed will).

If, in the midst of the battle, he strikes a wrong deal, he shall pay 
it very dearly.  

The question is who will cash the bill.  That is what shall we do if 
he strikes a self-defeating deal (which, BTW, I am quite sure he 
won't, and everyone on this list can look at old postings of mine on 
Morales and you will learn that for a long time I was suspicious 
myself of his positions and abilities, which I am not any more).  But 
back to the question:

Shall we try to tear him down without making sure that there is 
anything better to replace him, whether it is us or others who 
provide that alternative?  Or we shall go to the masses and 
"patiently explain" what is it that we think is happening, how should 
we organize to make sure that the goals of Morales can be brought to 
reality even if Morales has acted wrongly, etc.?

3)  As you see, dear Rrubinelli, point (2) implies that you and I are 
in Bolivia or we are just chatterboxes trying to "solve the world 
around a café table", as we say here in Buenos Aires.  I believe we 
are neither. So that, honestly, I believe that all that we have to do 
-IMHO- is, for the time being, to provide support, and if we have 
some misgiving just keep it to ourselves or our closest friends.  

Of course, you can place your magnifying glass on Morales, which is 
completely reasonable.  But I prefer to stick to the task of the 
moment.  Which is to offer Morales as much support as I can give 
since he is fighting (no matter if well or wrong, he is fighting and 
that is a just and good thing in itself) my own enemy.

And yours:

He is fighting, in an enormously difficult situation, the imperialist 
bourgeoisies.  Believe it or not.

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