[Marxism] Hamas Speaks

M. Junaid Alam alam at lefthook.org
Tue Jan 31 18:38:27 MST 2006

A very clear-cut and decisive statement from Hamas on the Guardian 
(London) today:


I plan to comment on Israel's refusal to negotiate shortly. As anyone 
familiar with Israeli history is well aware (see especially: the Fateful 
Triangle, even just the first 70 pages), Israel is anathema to peace 
because peace would mean the end of Israeli expansionism and Yeretz 
Israel. Yes, Hamas is violent, but so Israel. Yes, Hamas has committed 
terrorism. Israel has committed it on ten times the scale.

Israel's reasons for not negotiating with Hamas have little to do with 
Hamas violence, and much to do with the will of Israel to continue more 
violence in order to consolidate its expanded land gains. After all, 
Israel moved unililaterally when Fatah was presiding, on the basis Fatah 
had not acted against the militants and had no real control. And now, 
Israel can negotiate with the militants directly, but it refuses to!

Oh and also, Left Hook is back online and will be updated again before 

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