Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jan 31 19:00:36 MST 2006

Sabri Oncu wrote:
> I did not see any hostility in Josh's comment Louis. First of all, he starts
> like this:

Everyone is assuming the "difficulty" of Mehmet's prose is a deliberate
choice (i.e., it is an instance of "postmodernist" prosej). He will
probably respond for himself, but in the meantime, look at the opening

"After the recent democratic victory of Hamas, the familiar refrains of
'liberal' democratic songs has began to ejaculate. The initial reaction
was a firm denouncement of violence which has been revamping its face as
an armed government."

That is not "postmodern" -- it is English as a second language! Mehmet's
English is quite good on the whole, but the more complex the substance
itself is the more difficult, I would expect, it is to express in a
language not one's native tongue? "The familiar strains has begun to
ejaculate." That's not pomo or deliberate difficulty, but the wrong
choice of an English verb.

So I support Lou's take. Cut him some slack, and perhaps try rephrasing
some of it for him.


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