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Tue Jan 31 19:33:02 MST 2006


> That is not "postmodern" -- it is English as a second 
> language! Mehmet's English is quite good on the whole, 
> but the more complex the substance itself is the more 
> difficult, I would expect, it is to express in a
> language not one's native tongue? 

Tell me about it! English happens to be my second language too. Indeed,
given his last name and the way he writes his first name, most likely Mehmet
and I speak the same native tongue. By the way, I am of the impression that
Mehmet's knowledge of English is way better than mine.

> "The familiar strains has begun to ejaculate." 
> That's not pomo or deliberate difficulty, but the 
> wrong choice of an English verb.

I am not sure if it is just a wrong choice of an English verb though,
although there is no doubt that the choice is wrong. And I make even worse
word choices than Mehmet does. Out of its context it is difficult to say
what exactly is meant by this sentence but I speculate that Mehmet means:

> "The familiar strains has begun to emerge." 


> "The familiar strains has begun to come to the surface." 

By the way, I am not sure what is meant by "familiar strains" either, so I
am not sure if my alternatives are any better. On the other hand, I agree
with that the communication style Mehmet brings into English from his native
tongue may also play some role in this too, irrespective of whether he is
influenced by post-modern writings or not. It would have been easier for me
to say more if I read the Turkish translation of the article Mehmet is in
the process of writing. But I am sure my writing style in English comes
unusual to some native speakers too.   

> So I support Lou's take. Cut him some slack, and perhaps 
> try rephrasing some of it for him.

Supporting Lou and supporting Josh do not contradict each other, so I guess
we all are more in agreement than disagreement.

Now Carrol, being an English professor, what is your opinion of how I am
doing in English?



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