[Marxism] Congratulations to Jon Flanders

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 2 08:29:07 MDT 2006

Congratulations to Jon Flanders for having an MRZine article he wrote on 
boycotting U.S. elections attacked by Norm Geras. This follows Yoshie's 
MRZine articles on Iran being slimed by Harry's Place. I am so jealous I 
can die.


Blind alley

I don't think this is the brightest of ideas for people on the left:

"The question now for anti-war activists, leftists, socialists, etc. is 
this: do we begin an active campaign for an election boycott in the US, in 
order to delegitimize a system more and more out of control of the people? 
Can we make an international scandal of the corrupt process we call an 
election here in the USA?" 

That has more chance of politically isolating those who support a boycott 
than of delegitimizing the system. It's generally better to campaign 
actively against corrupt electoral practices, trying to mobilize voters in 
doing that, than to further deplete the vote through a boycott.

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