[Marxism] Fw: Isaac Deutscher and Marxist history

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Trotsky or Deutscher?
On the New Revisionism and Its Theoretical Source
James P. Cannon, Fourth International
Winter 1954

 From Fourth International, Winter 1954, from Tamiment Library microfilm 
Transcribed & marked up by Andrew Pollack for the Encyclopaedia of 
Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

SINCE the death of Stalin, some of the unofficial and pseudo-critical 
apologists of Stalinism have begun to shift their ground without abandoning 
their office as apologists. Yesterday they were describing Stalinism as the 
wave of the future. They now promise an early end to Stalinism in the 
Soviet Union; and—for good measure—they assure us that the end will come 
easily and peacefully. What interests us is the fact that, in doing so, 
they refer to Trotsky and try, in one way or another, to invoke his 
authority in support of their new revelations.

There is indeed no room for doubt that Stalinism is in deep trouble in its 
own domain. The events in the Soviet Union and in the satellite countries 
since Stalin’s death are convincing evidence of that. The workers’ revolts 
in East Germany and other satellite lands, which undoubtedly reflect the 
sentiments of the workers in the Soviet Union, indicate that the Stalinist 
bureaucracy rules without real mass support.

full: http://www.marxists.org/archive/cannon/works/1954/tord.htm

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