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Speaking of populist campaigns that mobilize the
masses that the left can work with to push more
comprehensive solutions, the IL Green Party just
handed in 39,390 signatures on June 26th.

As of the close of business, July 3, we will know
(that) whether the machine intends to try to kick our
alternative off the ballot.

Will let you know more soon.  Get ready to help us
with volunteers and money.

(Sorry for posting the whole newsletter; I couldn't
find a webpage to link to, and I know marxmailers are
just chomping at the bit to help out, so they need all
the volunteer and contact information).


Volume 023 


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On Monday, June 26, Illinois Green Party candidates
and others turned in 39,390 signatures to qualify a
complete slate of candidates for statewide office for
the November 2006 general election.  The statutory
requirement is 25,000 valid signatures.  Therefore, a
validity rate of 63.5% will secure ballot access. 
More information is included in the following section
of the newsletter regarding the likely pending
challenge from the Democratic Party leadership and
what we need to do to fend off that challenge. 

In addition to the statewide petitions, petitions were
also submitted for the following candidates for
legislative office: 

Dorian Breuer - 1st State Senate Roberto Cepeda - 2nd
State Representative Kathy Cummings - 4th State
Representative Timothy Curtin - 78th State
Representative Tom Abram - 103rd State Representative 

The following candidates are already ballot-qualified
this year: 

Nathan Helsabeck - 8th State Representative 
Phil Huckelberry - 88th State Representative 
Charlie Howe - 115th State Representative 
Kostantinos Yfantis - Champaign County Board 
Joe Futrelle - Champaign County Board 
Nick Mann - Champaign County Board 
Jennifer Vaughn - Jackson County Board 
Brad Klein - Jackson County Board 

This has been a volunteer-led, volunteer-driven
campaign.  Most of the time, petition drives of this
magnitude require bringing in paid petitioning firms,
because of the magnitude of the effort and because it
is difficult to get sufficient volunteer help.  But
the Illinois Green Party reached 39,390 signatures
without having to hire in outside firms, because of
the unmatchable commitment of our volunteers.  These
people in particular deserve special plaudit for their
lofty number of signatures collected: 

500-1000 SIGNATURES 

Mike Drennan Alex Briscoe Carolyn Riley Rick Signorino
Jack Ailey Andrea Quintanar-Schafer 

1000-1500 SIGNATURES 

Jack Scheff Tom Abram Dorian Breuer Susan Rodgers
Jennifer Rose Kevin O'Connor Tony Seda Rich Whitney
(now *that's* grassroots!) 

1500-2000 SIGNATURES 

Dave Rolston Dave Sacks Kathy Cummings 

2500-5000 SIGNATURES 

Sheldon Schafer 

5692 SIGNATURES (a category unto itself!) 

Charlie Howe 

The political climate of Illinois, and the way Greens
stepped up to the challenge, has put the ILGP at the
forefront of progressive politics not just within our
own state but truly across the country. As the
backlash continues to grow against pro-war Democrats
and Republicans and the general public grows
increasingly angry about the lack of quality choices
on the ballot, the potential for a major Green
breakthrough in 2006 continues to climb.  What we've
all been able to do thus far in Illinois is only the

The petition drive is behind us now, but the quest for
ballot access isn't over.  Now it's time for the next


The ILGP petitions - all 39,390 signatures - were
turned in a little after 4:00 on Monday, as well as
all of the state legislative candidate petitions.  By
6:00, the Democrats had requested copies of all of

By "Democrats" we don't mean your neighbor or relative
who's a self- identifying Democrat.  We mean the
Democratic leadership, the power- brokers in Illinois.
 We especially mean the #1 Democrat in Illinois:
Michael Madigan, who doubles as Speaker of the House
and Chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.  The
petition copy requests came from Democratic operatives
closely associated with Michael Madigan, and in turn,
Democratic staffers and others are going to thumb
through Green petitions with a goal of knocking Green
candidates off the ballot - and denying the people of
Illinois an opportunity to vote for whom they want to

It's precisely these kinds of strongarm tactics that
have caused so many erstwhile rank-and-file Democrats
and Republicans to give up on their party in past
years, sick of the politicking, sick of officials not
listening to constituents, sick of both entrenched
parties being moved more and more to the right and
into the arms of corporate cash. A lot of those
frustrated Democrats and Republicans are now Greens,
attracted by the Green platform, Green issues, and in
many cases, to the Green commitment not to accept
corporate campaign contributions. 

As a party of the people - not a party of corporate
monied interests - we were able to launch a massive
petition drive and collect 39,390 signatures on the
backs of fantastic volunteers.  Now one of the
corporate parties is likely to come after us with
their high-priced lawyers bankrolled by the massive
corporate largesse the parties and their candidates
have received over the past few years.  Remember, in
Illinois there are *no* campaign contribution limits. 
That's why Rod Blagojevich was able to build a
$20,000,000 war chest for this election year, and why
so many Democratic campaign funds are awash in cash
right now.  No limits, no scruples. 

The petition drive is over, but the drive for ballot
access is not. Here's what we need help with now to
protect against legal action on the part of the
Democratic party leadership: 


We have already been able to enter one-third of the
names off of our petitions into a master database.  We
then do a lot of advance verification of voter
information prior to potentially having to defend
those signatures before the State Board of Elections. 
Being able to do this in advance in a sophisticated
manner utilizing complex relationship database
structures gives us a major advantage that past
campaigns have not had when going up against one or
the other corporate party. 

We will send you a one-page instructions sheet, a
blank spreadsheet, and a PDF file with up to 100
signatures.  The typical PDF file is taking people 2
to 3 hours to transcribe.  The more you do, the easier
it becomes over time. 


Past petition objections have led to a need for many
volunteers to go to the State Board of Elections
office in Chicago and give a lot of time and diligence
to defending signatures.  As of the present time, we
don't know when this defense might take place, and
we're also not sure if it will all happen in Chicago
or whether it might also happen in Springfield.  If
you would have the ability to volunteer for full days
in the middle of July, we might really need you at
that time, so please consider keeping your schedules
open for July weekdays.  We especially need people
available for two to three weeks at a time 
(students and teachers are likely candidates for
having such availability in the middle of the summer!)


Fending off the challenge is going to require money -
perhaps more money than the actual ballot drive took,
because we may be compelled to consult with election
law specialists and others.  Now is when we could
really use a shot in the arm financially to ensure we
have the fiscal resources to make a challenge defense


One thing that often cripples third party campaigns is
lack of access to the mainstream media.  In 2006,
however, we are in an era where blogs have become
important media outlets, and where mainstream media
even has its own blogs.  There are many avenues to
push for fair media media access this year than there
have been in very recent years, and we need to take
advantage of these opportunities.  Some of the media
work is critical right now during the challenge
period, and of course it's all relevant throughout the
campaign cycle.  Here are some basic strategies for
keeping our eyes on media coverage and trying to work
with it: 

* Read the newspaper.  A lot of Greens have turned
their backs on mainstream news sources because they
feel they can't get unbiased coverage.  One of the
results of this, though, is that in many places, local
Greens overlook what is still the #1 source for news
for most people - the daily newspaper.  If we're not
reading the newspaper, then we don't know what other
people are seeing.  No matter how bad you think the
local paper is, or how much better you think blogs and
other Internet sites are, it's essential to keep an
eye on what's happening with the local paper. 

* Write letters to the editor.  It's hard to get
published in the Chicago Tribune, but it's easy to get
published in many other papers across the state.  For
example, the Bloomington Pantagraph is widely known
for printing almost all letters, accepting letters up
to 300 words, and allowing people whose letters are
printed to resubmit after 
30 days.  The newspaper staffs can sniff out most form
letters at this point, so don't do that - instead, sit
down and write a genuine letter about one of their
articles.  And when you do it, send the letter to
ILGP, and if it's published, let us know about that as

* Who cares about polls anyway?  We do!  Specifically,
we want to make sure that we are being included in the
polls.  If you come across a poll in the paper for the
gubernatorial race and Rich Whitney's name isn't
included, check the paper more closely to see who
conducted the poll (often it was the paper
themselves), and let the party and/or the campaign(s)
know.  We need to call polling firms (including media)
often to ensure that they start including Green
candidates in their polls.  This sounds minor, but
this is often one of the surest ways into press

* Join our Media Team.  Press releases are essential;
not only is it the main way we often interact with the
media, it has become very important to maintain a log
of press releases on candidate websites. We need
media-savvy people aiding in these endeavors. 

* Join our Web Team.  Along similar lines, our
candidate websites, for better or for worse, will
often be the main way that voters will learn about our
candidates.  This means we need to constantly have new
information up, we need to constantly be responding to
issues of the day, and in turn, we need to have a
larger web team that can handle some of these things. 

If you'd like to get involved in these endeavors, here
are the ideal people to contact: 

DATA ENTRY:  Email petitions at ilgp.org which is an
alias going to a couple of different people. 

campaignmanager at whitneyforgov.com for Jennifer Rose,
Rich Whitney's Campaign Manager. 

DONATE:  www.ilgp.org/donate as always; and we could
also use some help with basic fundraising!  Email
campaignmanager at whitneyforgov.com for that too. 

MEDIA WATCH:  Email campaignmanager at whitneyforgov.com
for Jennifer Rose - that's right, Jennifer is the
go-to person for things! 

For general questions, comments, and suggestions, as
always, email info at ilgp.org and we'll get back to you
as soon as we can. 


See www.gp.org/press.shtml for a full listing of Green
Party of the United States press releases, plus local
press releases from state and local parties across the

CALIFORNIA (06.26.2006):  Green Party Decries Defeat
of Public Financing Bill

NATIONAL (06.22.2006):  Green Party National Meeting
Set for Tucson, AZ, July 27-30

NATIONAL (06.19.2006):  African American Green
Candidates to Watch in 
2006 http://www.gp.org/press/pr_2006_06_19.shtml 


Illinois Green Party P.O. Box 623 Urbana, Illinois
61803 http://www.ilgp.org/ 

ILGP Voicemail:  312-924-1803 

David Black, Secretary secretary at ilgp.org 

Erika Schafer, Treasurer treasurer at ilgp.org 

Phil Huckelberry, Co-Chair & Editor phil at mcgreens.org 

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phil at mcgreens.org. 

Got submissions?  Email those to phil at mcgreens.org

Paid for by the Illinois Green Party.  A copy of our
report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or
will be) available for purchase from the State Board
of Elections, Springfield, Illinois. 

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