[Marxism] US SWP reports gains from industrial orientation from Latino immigration-rights protests

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 2 11:43:18 MDT 2006

Fred Feldman wrote:
>1. Huge working-class actions affect recruitment
>OBERLIN, Ohio—Among the nearly 40 workers, students, and others who
>attended a Socialist Workers Party convention for the first time here
>June 15-17, a quarter joined the party or the Young Socialists. A number
>said the mass working-class actions for immigrant rights and the party’s
>response to them had an impact on making this decision.
>Jabari Ashe, 23, is an auto technician at a car dealership in the San
>Francisco Bay Area. He said he joined the Young Socialists here because
>“I want to learn how to be a better organizer and Marxist and join
>others who think the way I do.”

I tend to cut Fred some slack when he crossposts, for example, an entire 
article from Counterpunch that is available online. But do we really need 
advertisements from this bizarre sect-cult? Especially after I set up a 
mailing list on yahoo that is meant to examine the entrails of this dead beast?

With respect to Jabari Ashe, I hope that he doesn't run into a situation 
after joining this sect-cult that he finds himself thinking differently. 
That can lead to expulsion. Come to think of it, for his own good, I hope 
that soon after joining he raises the question of why the Militant ran 
article after article hailing the brilliant successes of Rumsfeld's New 
Model Army. They'll show him to the door, I'm sure and he'll be grateful 
that they did. 

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