[Marxism] US SWP reports gains from industrial orientation from Latino immigration-rights protests

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jul 2 14:48:26 MDT 2006

I submitted the article because it was Man Bites Dog, the SWP recruits.
My conservative estimate of the size of the group is less than 200, and
my real estimate is well under 150.  The significant thing is that it
may be starting to go up.
The SWP has a significant force of former members, who wanted out of
having to abide by 4,397,000 Leninist norms but were still loyal to the
organization, its leader, and the orientation toward industry.  I also
thought it significant because it is an article of faith among anti-SWP
people who have turned against the organization (such as myself,
although I always knew the article of faith was not accurate) that the
SWP recruits NO workers from its "turn."  Never true, and becoming less
Given the fact that the SWP's industrial orientation, in practical work,
recognizes the priority of the most oppressed, the Latinos, the Blacks
even though they have largely set aside -- but never formally overturned
-- the theoretical and programmatic foundation of this work.  This is
reflected in the beginnings of recruitment and I noticed it before I
Frankly, we haven't made enough headway toward providing a competent
leadership for struggles in the United States to assume we are done with
the SWP.  Take, for instance, the prostration of the antiwar movement
before events in both Iraq and Palestine that are clearly intertwined.  
I am afraid that God's punishment, among others, will be that we will
not be done with the SWP as a factor in real political life.  Sect-cults
have risen from the grave before, although Jack Barnes' love of being
isolated and his desire for the SWP to be the "only" whatever may yet
save us.
By the way, I introduced the subject of Barnes' identification with
Rumsfeld as his imperialist genius-doppelganger some years ago on the
list.  I'm sure at that time there were whines about why bother, but it
remains politically relevant, although on the fringes.  By the way, I
agree that the Militant framed up Leslie Cagan on the issue of
presenting her advocacy of a trial for Zarqawi as hailing his death.
But I think the tendency to look on the bright side of no-more-Zarqawi
fails to recognize this as just more imperialist aggression, just like
the hunt for Bin Laden today is just more imperialist aggression.  The
wars themselves have changed the character of the hunt for the
terrorists completely.  I can't see any justification for the US trying
suchess they try Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and quite a few others at the
same time.
Fred Feldman

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