[Marxism] Marcos called for boycott of Mexico elections

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Mon Jul 3 05:51:52 MDT 2006

According to this article, Marcos' position was more
sectarian than I thought.  This article identifies him with
calls to boycott the voting.


Fred Feldman


Marcos: Boycott Mexican Elections

January 12/06 Prensa Latina

Mexican insurgent Sub commander Marcos urged the people to
boycott the July 2 presidential elections because the
government has not fulfilled its promises to the victims of
Hurricane Stan.

Before the authorities put on their circus and election
propaganda they must first do what they said, the EZLN
(National Zapatista Liberation Army) leader said on
continuing "the other campaign".

Marcos made the declarations in Tonala, one of the southern
Chiapas towns hardest hit by Stan and where humanitarian aid
still has not arrived.

Sub delegate Zero told the people that officials are saving
all this money to give out bit by bit to buy votes, and that
the Zapatistas will help the people of the region unite and
tell the government clearly "there will be no election
propaganda or elections if you don't comply with help to the

"The other campaign" is promoted throughout the country by
the EZLN as a national progressive, anti-capitalist

Begun January 1 in Chiapas the march, to build a leftwing
alternative for Mexico from the bottom up, was temporarily
interrupted by the sudden death of Commander Ramona, one of
the emblematic Zapatista figures.

The campaign was begun again Sunday, and Thursday the
caravan led by Marcos is in San Cristobal de las Casas,
where the EZLN took up arms in 1994.




Marcos said his decision to not support Lopez Obrador cost
the Zapatista leader "fans," but was the right thing to do.

He said if Lopez Obrador was elected, he would have an
"administration of handouts," while Calderon would mean more
of the same disappointing policies the country has seen
under Fox, who took office in 2000.


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