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Mon Jul 3 08:40:18 MDT 2006

Re: Labor Tribune - After June 28; elections, strikes and strategy

The hype goes on: Green Left Weekly and the June 28 mobilisation against 
Howard's anti-union laws

By Bob Gould

The issue of Green Left Weekly dated July 5 went up on the website later 
than usual, at midday on Tuesday. Usually it goes up on Monday evening. 
The GLW editorial board may well have been fine-tuning the DSP's account 
of the June 28 national trade union mobilisation against Howard's 
industrial laws.

In the intense conflict that is still raging inside the DSP, the 
minority, which tends to be more careful politically, has been making a 
constant and systematic critique of the dishonest Socialist 
Alliance-focussed hype, mainly in GLW, which presents the DSP-Socialist 
Alliance as the central force in the radical aspect of the 
mobilisations, when in reality its influence is much more marginal.

This critique has been made, in particular, by a DSP minority supporter 
who is the DSP's most experienced trade unionist, with about 25 years of 
experience. He and other minority supporters are accused by supporters 
of DSP national secretary Peter Boyle of defeatism, lack of faith in the 
working class and, by implication, even of a kind of sabotage of the 
DSP's efforts.

All this makes it necessary to read GLW accounts of the June 28 
mobilisation in the light of the internal battle in the DSP and in the 
light of the Boyleites' pretensions to being a potential mass social 
force filling a political space that the Boyleites say exists in the 
working class to the left of Labor and the Greens.

The DSP minority ridicules this notion of such a large political space 
as fanciful in current conditions, and the minority is obviously correct 
in this.

Full: http://www.gouldsbooks.com.au/ozleft/glwjune28.html


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