[Marxism] Greens to be on Ohio State Ballot

Nancy Brumback madstitcher007 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 3 13:31:12 MDT 2006

(note to Louis -- I hope this goes through -- I haven't tried to post to this list for a couple of years.)
  Marvin said:
  "...The orientation to any of these parties - or, more precisely, to the 
and social activists within them - is a tactical matter, largely
corresponding to what opportunities there are for the left to gain
influence. My own experience unfortunately was there were not that many
opportunities when I was in the NDP - some, but not very many. I'm at a
distance, but my sense is that the mood in the DP since the invasion of 
is angrier than I have ever seen it in the Labour and social democratic
parties and is not only directed at Bush, but increasingly at its own
leadership. I think you tend to pay too much attention to the treachery 
the party leaders, and to those leftist intellectuals who have illusions 
one sort or another in them. Why not just accept these facts as a given, 
focus instead on the state of consciousness of the base? Isn't that how
tactical decisions are made?...
  Personally and politically, I think whether to abstain or participate
depends on what you consider you can accomplish at the base of these
parties, and for those who are politically active, that's a tactical
question dependent on the conjuncture."
  Thanks to Marvin for a breath of fresh air on this list. Last year I retired and moved to a small town near Portland, Oregon, and with no desire to travel to and from the city, decided to see what I could do in local Democratic Party politics.
  Much to my surprise, I found that there was a group of Democrats in a nearby town doing a bi-monthly peace vigil on Saturdays. I took the opportunity to organize the same thing in my own town. We have had four demonstrations so far, with from 12 to 22 people attending. There is a Portland radio station that takes calls from activists re: their event, and maybe about 1/3 of the participants have come from that. I've been collecting their email addresses. The remainder of the participants come from the email list of the local Party, which sponsors the two events. In addition, I have been talking to people who pass by on the street on their way to appointments or whatever and have recruited several, including one young woman whose brother is in Iraq now and whose uncle has already been killed over there. We have several veterans who attend, including a retired helicopter pilot. 
  Is the discussion at party meetings the most exciting I have ever experienced? No. But are we are doing something to help mobilize mass action against imperialist war? Definitely yes, in my opinion. I always write a little report on the event and send it out on the email list and other internet resources. I'm trying to use these reports as an educational tool and would appreciate any advice anyone might have to offer.
  Nancy Brumback

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