[Marxism] Letters to a Marxmail subscriber

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 3 15:36:03 MDT 2006

Walter wrote:

>In the month of June, Walter Lippmann posted about 80 messages.
>In the month of June, Louis Proyect posted  about 190 messages.
>It's easy to check the documented record about this, by the way:

Walter, I created Marxmail in 1998. When I post 10 times a day, it is in 
order to set the agenda for the list. That is part of my responsibility as 
moderator. When you post 30 times a day to Cubanews, nobody would complain 
because you created the list, are moderator, and set the agenda there. 
Frankly, one of the reasons I unsubbed from Cubanews is that I felt 
deluged. But that is your privilege.

But thanks for bringing this out into the open. So when I have to finally 
curb your appetite for posting 10 times a day on Marxmail, comrades will 
understand why I did that. 

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