[Marxism] Letters to a Marxmail subscriber

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 4 05:40:00 MDT 2006

>And this is different from Walter how?

Of course it is different from Walter. Walter tries to turn every mailing 
list he is on into the son of Cubanews.

>Here's a more important point: Walter's contributions feel great to me and 
>I know I'm not the only one. Some time ago I posted that everyone feels 
>like I do, but I guess I was wrong. But that's not important. Walter is a 
>great comrade and deserves every bit of respect. I find it disgusting the 
>way people attack him, and I find it doubly disgusting the way Louis (who 
>I have a great deal of respect for as well) threatens over and over to 
>abuse his powers as moderator against Walt. Just ignore his comments. You 
>can manage that. Lou and others need to grow the fuck up.

Actually, I have written to Brian Shannon, Sartesian (when he was here) and 
numerous other list members reminding them when they were going over 5 
posts a day, which is our informal limit. Doug Henwood does the same thing 
on LBO-Talk, except he asks people to stick to 3 a day. You are reading far 
too much into this. I am not trying to censor Walter. I far prefer 
answering him politically. But I also have moderator obligations to 
perform, which include asking people to clip extraneous text, avoid 
one-liners, etc. 

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