[Marxism] Was there a coverup in Iraq rape and murder case?

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Tue Jul 4 10:39:37 MDT 2006

Although this incident happened in March, the accused soldier was  
discharged to the United States before the case was developed and  
only arrested a couple of days ago.

It is claimed that the first that the U.S. knew of the incident was  
when one of the soldiers confessed during an unrelated questioning.

However, the U.S. occupation forces admit that it knew about the  
incident back in March, but said that it first attributed it to  
insurgents, which strikes me as highly unlikely since it involved a  
rape and the burning of the evidence.

When the incident was first reported, available for questioning  
should have been the neighbor who asserts that the mother of the girl  
was worried that GIs had rape on their mind regarding her daughter  
and had asked him to take the daughter into his home.

Even the claim that only the town mayor knew about it, but didn't  
pass it on to the U.S. army strikes me as false. In any case, if the  
Mayor knew of the statement of the neighbor, his failure to pass this  
on to the U.S. Army doubly damns him as a craven toad of the occupation.

In other words, this whole affair smacks of an attempted cover-up in  
the first instance, even if it is true that a complicit G.I. opened  
his heart. It could be that at this point the cat was out of the bag  
and a formal investigation had to proceed. There probably are some  
soldiers who couldn't be shut up, who refused to go along.

In general, the cover-up is the greatest crime, because it poses the  
question of how many other cover-ups are there? How many have succeeded?

Brian Shannon

The Washington Post put the daughters' ages at 15 and 7. It quoted  
neighbor Omar Janabi saying Abeer Qasim's mother told him on March 10  
the young woman had complained about advances made toward her by U.S.  
soldiers at a nearby checkpoint.

Janabi told the paper he was among the first to arrive at the house  
after an attack on March 11. He said he found Abeer sprawled dead in  
a corner, her hair and a pillow next to her consumed by fire, and her  
dress pushed up to her neck.

The inquiry was launched after two soldiers from the 502nd Infantry  
Regiment came forward late last month. Two others are suspected of  
rape and one of these, since discharged from the army, is also  
suspected of the murders, officials said.
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