[Marxism] Greens to be on Ohio State Ballot

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Tue Jul 4 11:47:43 MDT 2006

Now here's something *really* useful... start a Democratic Party group to
recruit people into anti-war work! Come the very next election, the
"anti-war work" will go the way of U.S. wheat surpluses as local party
organizations get sucked into the electoral game of "keep-away": keep
away, that is, from any positions or movements that might embarass "your"
candidate. You would have been better off putting the horse before the
cart and starting an anti-war *group* that included local people that may
or may not identify themselves as Democrats.

> Message: 11
> Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 12:31:12 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Nancy Brumback <madstitcher007 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [Marxism] Greens to be on Ohio State Ballot
> (note to Louis -- I hope this goes through -- I haven't tried to post to
> this list for a couple of years.)

>   Thanks to Marvin for a breath of fresh air on this list. Last year I
> retired and moved to a small town near Portland, Oregon, and with no
> desire to travel to and from the city, decided to see what I could do in
> local Democratic Party politics.
>   Much to my surprise, I found that there was a group of Democrats in a
> nearby town doing a bi-monthly peace vigil on Saturdays. I took the
> opportunity to organize the same thing in my own town. We have had four
> demonstrations so far, with from 12 to 22 people attending. There is a
> Portland radio station that takes calls from activists re: their event,
> and maybe about 1/3 of the participants have come from that. I've been
> collecting their email addresses. The remainder of the participants come
> from the email list of the local Party, which sponsors the two events.
> In addition, I have been talking to people who pass by on the street on
> their way to appointments or whatever and have recruited several,
> including one young woman whose brother is in Iraq now and whose uncle
> has already been killed over there. We have several veterans who attend,
> including a retired helicopter pilot.
>   Is the discussion at party meetings the most exciting I have ever
> experienced? No. But are we are doing something to help mobilize mass
> action against imperialist war? Definitely yes, in my opinion. I always
> write a little report on the event and send it out on the email list and
> other internet resources. I'm trying to use these reports as an
> educational tool and would appreciate any advice anyone might have to
> offer.
>   Best,
>   Nancy Brumback

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