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Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Tue Jul 4 12:04:57 MDT 2006

Louis has reposted my not-so-gentle reminder to Walter to
restrain himself in the number of things he posts to this
and other lists he does not himself moderate. I think it was
Fred Feldman who correctly chastised me at the time for my
unthinking analogy to an "unregistered lobbyist". Apart from
that, I stand by my comment and just want to say that I
agree entirely with Louis in this exchange. Walter has no
reason whatsoever to complain about his treatment by Louis
in his capacity as moderator of this list.


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>Do ya think if, maybe, Walter had to foot the bill he might
>your point of view and get off his high horse?

Well, ever since we moved to Hans Ehrbar's server at Utah, I
no longer have 
to pay anything. But for a couple of years it was costing me
over $100 a 
month to keep the list on Panix.

In any case, here's another complaint about his profligacy
by Richard 
Fidler, from the Greenleft list:

Walter Lippmann has posted more than a dozen messages to
this list today 
within little more than three hours. Even for him, this is
more than usual. 
Not all of us are retired, like Walter, with ample time to
wade through 
this effluvia. Walter is abusing this and other lists he is
by effectively spamming them with posts motivated by what
can only be 
termed an obsesssion with Cuba on the part of this
unregistered lobbyist 
for Havana. Some of this material is well worth reading by
socialists. But 
much of it is of little interest or importance in the big
scheme of things. 
Please, Walter, exercise some political discretion and try
not to post more 
than three times a day, say, to any of those lists you (and
I) are on.


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