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> an obsesssion with Cuba on the part of this unregistered lobbyist for
> Havana.

If this were true, then I would rather suggest the "unregistered 
lobbyist" to do his job more thoroughly and carefully.  I don't know 
WL in person, but I respect him a lot and I tend to share with most 
of his "lobbying" while remaining _completely independent_ of any 
kind of Cuban official influence or support (these rather go to my 
political enemies on the Arg Left).  However, maybe it would be a 
good piece of advice from a friend to a friend that excessive posting 
-and it is always _the other_ who decides what is "excessive"- may be 
harmful to the ends one pursues.

As I understand the job, list moderators have a duty (more than a 
right) to send a good deal of material to the lists they moderate.  
This _does_ set the agenda, what's wrong with that?.  Yes, _set_, but 
not  _impose_.  

This is what makes a list valuable.  A moderator uses this 
"privilege" (I am sure more than one moderator would gladly pass it 
on to someone else, because it is quite cumbersome) to establish a 
general line, and to set the lists under her or his moderation 
somehow faithful to themselves.

When an enthusiastic contributor attains a level of presence that the 
moderator considers excessive for the goals that he or she has set to 
the list, the moderator has a right (again: a duty) to make the 
contributor understand this, and the contributor just needs to 
accomodate to the moderator's requests, which BTW usually appear 
after many list members have complained in private.

So, please, Walt, just be a little bit more selective with postings 
on Marxmail, and let us all remain in peace.  I love _good_ lobbyists 
for Cuba.  They need such lobbyists.

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