[Marxism] Bolivia vote on Constituent Assembly highlights reactionary countermobilization in Santa Cruz

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 4 16:44:26 MDT 2006

There's a tremendous amount of BS being put out about the constituent
assembly elections  and autonomy referendums in Bolivia. 

First, even the local enemies of Morales admit that the proportional
representation rules for the CA made it pretty much mathematically
impossible for any one party to win two-thirds of the seats. That, and a
two-thirds supermajority requirement to adopt a new constitution, were the
big concessions that Evo and his friends considered it wise to make to get
this election called by Congress (remember, they don't have a majority in
the Senate). 

At the same time, this constituent assembly is explicitly sovereign and
"originaria," which of necessity means it is bound by previous laws only
insofar as it accedes to and accepts them. That was a big clash also in

Evo and his friends were very much aware of the rules they accepted for the
election, which is why MAS supporters ran not only on the MAS slate but also
on the slate of some allied parties, and MAS called for voting for them. How
exactly it all worked on the ground I don't know. I do know that the attempt
by the bourgeois press to present matters as if the only support Evo has in
the Assembly are those members elected as part of the mass slate is bunk. 

In the meantime, a summit was held in Venezuela today, with Venezuela
becoming a full member of Mercosur and Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay joining
Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela in the $20 bn "pipeline of the South"
project. A couple of days before Argentina signed with Bolivia a gas export
agreement with a price of US$5/million BTU's if I remember right, a big
increase in what Bolivia is getting. Most exports are to Brazil and I don't
know whether agreement has been reached there, but this will help Bolivia
get a reasonable price from Brazil also.


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