[Marxism] Fourth

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 4 19:12:35 MDT 2006

	I don't know if I'm just getting cantankerous or what. But it seems
to me this years July Fourth was even more insufferable than usual.

	For example, in front of the National Archives, they had veterans of
the invasion and occupation of Iraq reading the declaration of independence.
I couldn't figure out WTF was going on, I thought maybe some really clever
anarcho-surrealists had pulled a faster-than-the-speed-of-light
sociopolitical hack. Because to read a declaration about getting rid of
these foreign rulers as a way of supporting and justifying the invasion and
occupation of Iraq... Well, you know.

	But no, there was King George addressing the Hessians at Ft. Bragg
on the same theme, but they were all out of uniform, in cammies instead of

	And there was someone singing God Bless America after the
declaration like it was 1906 and nothing since 1946 had even happened,
socially, politically or culturally.

	And I was smoking a Camel Turkish Jade and talking to the head of
satellites where I work, one of these three-letter TV "news" organizations,
and he just took the words right out of my mouth: "I feel like I just
dropped acid and am having a really bad trip. What the Fuck is this? They
should at least have had the Beach Boys on the national mall."

	And as we were going back up the escalator there was a fullscreen
appeal on the program of our most important network about what did you do
for the bicentennial on July 4, 1976. Email them. 

	I *think* I was protesting the Esmeralda, a Chilean torture ship in
New York harbor. But maybe I'm getting my disses and Disneys mixed up,
because wasn't there an Esmeralda in Pirates of the Caribbean?

	Anyways, this is the network that used to call itself the world's
most important network but I don't think they do THAT anymore. Not because
it isn't true --that's never stopped us--, but because the world is full of
terrorists and illegals and we're as American as Apple Pie, slavery, and
genocide against the Indians. 

	And, oh yeah: playing the part the Brits played here in colonial
wars the world over.

	Which is funny, because after he made the crack about dropping acid
I said listen to this and played him my latest internet acquisition on my
Treo, "Admiral William Brown," by the Wolfe Tones, Irish patriotic
folksingers, about the Malvinas War:

The old colonial days 
and the cruel English ways 
With her thunder plunder 
we will teach the natives
For the Brits are going to war 
just like Whitelock did before 
With her ships & guns 
& drums & flags & banners
In the Empire days of old 
when they murdered for the gold 
And paraded it around 
the streets of London
Oh no human rights were given 
to the natives dead or living--
Las Islas Malvinas Argentina ....

And the Southern Cross take note 
were bold Willie Bulfin wrote 
"The Irish still support you Argentina"
With the Empire tumbling down 
let no Paddies back the crown--
Las Islas Malvinas Argentina.

	And as it was playing and he was digging it --he's old enough to
appreciate it, but also a Latin American-- it struck me: One of these days
one of our anchors is going to say "We've always been at war with Eurasia,"
and before she's even finished saying "Eurasia," there will be a paper
shoved in front of her from off-camera, and she'll say "I mean Oceania of

	And you'll be able to hear off camera people shouting "Bullshit."
And my friend the übergeek of Satellites is going to route up the "eye of
God" cameras that overlook our newsrooms that we use for bump shots, and
just put out on all the feeds a bunch of us jumping up and down on our desks
like madmen shouting, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it

	And that's the way it is, Tuesday, July 4, 2006. 

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