[Marxism] Balochistan

Asim Akhund suraj1y_2006 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 5 03:39:14 MDT 2006

                 Dear Comrades,
                                         I want to discuss with you the situation of Balochistan.Balochistan is a province of Pakistan and area wise it is the largest part of Pakistan.Pakistan is basically the multi-national state,but state has never accepted the nations and it claims itself a muslim state.Economiclly and politically the military and civil beaurocracy is the ruling class of Pakistan and the majority of the military has come from the province of Punjab,so the ruling classes of Punjab has exploited the resources of other provinces of Pakistan.
                                        Blochistan is a tribal society and there is going on a war between military and Balochis for two years.There are two main tribes which are at war with army,i.e Bugti and Muri tribes.But many analysits say that the war is for the liberation of Balochistan to form the separate state,but the others say that it is a war on oil.It has been clear that without the foreign help It is impossible to wage a war with the army of Pakistan.There is a view also that this war is the part of Iran-America conflict.
                                        But the fact is that the situation is very unclear,so I want you to help me understand this form of national problem.

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