[Marxism]RE Is Lopez Obrador using recount to get his voters to accept counting him out?

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 16:02:15 MDT 2006

FF: Is he (AMLO) using the recount period to let his people down easy,
since it is
hard to reverse ballot stealing in Mexico (or almost anywhere else, for
that matter) without a social upheaval?

There is certainly precedent. In 1988 (?) Cardenas the Lesser, knowing
that (as later admitted) Salinas had stolen the election by outright
fraud, justified not contesting the fraud  to "avoid throwing the
country into civil war" (See Jeff Faux' recent book The Global Class
War). By all accounts AMLO and the current PRD leaders are far less
inclined to consider mass action than their Cardenas predecessors. If
this turns out to be the case, as Jon F suggests, the real winner may
well be "delegado zero"-- the guerilla fashion plate, formerly known
as Subcommandante Marcos.

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