[Marxism] Re: Query re alleged Che quote

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Wed Jul 5 21:08:26 MDT 2006

> I was wondering if anyone knew if the quote was anything like  
> genuine, or a previously-used piece of black propaganda. I'd like  
> to expose the creep as a falsifier, if that's the case. My research  
> efforts so far (i.e. typing it into Google) haven't revealed  
> anything either way.

I'm leaving it out because it could be picked up and sent on. Mark  
Twain is quoted as saying, "A lie can travel halfway around the world  
while the truth is putting on its shoes."

It is enough to know that were it true or any version of it true, we  
would all have heard it before. It would have been thrust in our  
faces for years.

However, I think that Nick has enough to challenge the original  
source. Ask him for the source.

I saw this alleged Lenin quote a year ago found it repeated on  
several sites. Thinking that it might even be true, though truncated  
or misused--perhaps a version of the Mark Twain saying--I googled for  
it and was able to send e-mails to a half-dozen. Two were kind enough  
to reply. They didn't know the original source, but themselves picked  
it from a collection.

"A lie told often enough becomes truth."  --Lenin

*     *     *     *     *
Sometimes, a mere allegation can become a truth.

There are now thousands of google hits that say that Frida Kahlo was  
once the lover of Trotsky. Complete scenarios are written. It is in a  

Many revolutionists couldn't care less about this claim. After all,  
Trotsky was human and humans are sexual animals and Frida Kahlo was  
aggressive sexually. Therefore, we should not care what is claimed or  
how this is used every time her name comes up. It is Trotsky's  
politics that matter to us.

I care because its use amounts to an attempt to infantilize a  
revolutionary leader. ["infantilize" is the best word that I could  
come up with, and I am supported here: http://bogieworks.blogs.com/ 

It cuts him, and therefore his goals, politics, and life down to  
size. He was human and humans desire power, therefore Trotsky would  
have been the same as Stalin had he obtained power. Against hundreds  
of documents and hundreds of thousands of words, Trotsky was the same  
as you or I. Trotsky would have been Stalin if he had won. And if a  
woman claims to have bedded him, she must be telling the truth.

What is the source? One person: Frida Kahlo herself. Everything  
tracks back to her. She also misstated her age, claimed to be a Jew  
when she wasn't, and claimed that the whole thing with Trotsky in  
Mexico was a plot to get him there in order to have him killed. And I  
haven't even bothered to see what her biographers say.

We have to believe that Trotsky in 1936 would risk his haven in  
Mexico with an affair with the wife of the man credited with securing  
him asylum, plus all the other issues then going on.

Is it possible? Yes. And aluminum tubes for rockets can be used as  
centrifuges for refining uranium.

Is it probable, from one source, a person who continuously lied to  
recreate herself depending on her situation? Just as probable as  
Saddam having contact with Al Qaeda, also from one source who was  
creating a situation for himself and Chalabi.

Brian Shannon

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