[Marxism] Query re alleged Che quote

Peter McLaren drpetermclaren at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 22:20:57 MDT 2006

Walter wrote:

It's white propagand, not black propaganda.
Che Guevara never said anything remotely
like this. Che said many memorable things,
such as that a true revolutionary is guided
by love. Raul Castro famously said that if
a task isn't done with love, nothing good
can come of it. Ask yourself if such people
could make statements like the one below?


I agree with Walter, Che never said this.  given what I know about  
Che (having written a couple of books about him), this sounds  
ludicrous to me. I've been doing some more research on Che recently,  
here is a wonderful quotation by Michael Lowy:

Löwy makes clear the profound importance Che granted the concept of  
dignity, with its roots firmly planted within the Latin American  
humanist tradition. For Che, the “standard of dignity” to which all  
revolutionaries should adhere is reflected in the words of José  
Martí: “A real man should feel on his own check the blow inflected on  
any other man’s” (cited in Löwy, 1973, p. 32).

Indeed Che, the theoretician of revolutionary war, of the liberating  
violence of armed struggle; Che, who insisted that “the oppressor  
must be killed mercilessly,” and who believed that the revolutionary  
has to become an “efficient and selective” killing machine, this same  
Major Guevara always showed profound and genuine respect for human  
life. It is because he regarded life as a value that he criticized  
the blind terrorism which strikes down innocent victims; that he  
called on the guerrilla fighter to treat kindly the defenseless  
vanquished; that he urged clemency toward captured enemy soldiers,  
and categorically declared that a “wounded enemy should be treated  
with care and respect.”

  --Michael Lowy, 1973.  The Marxism of Che Guevara.



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