[Marxism] Re: Australian DSP lurches towards a major split

Peter Boyle peterb at greenleft.org.au
Wed Jul 5 22:34:00 MDT 2006

Bob Gould wrote:

> Does he deny that he asserted in his report to the DSP's national
> committee meeting in May that the majority wouldn't expel the minority
> this time, but that unless they stopped their so-called obstruction,
> there would be a split?

In my report I said that there was a split trajectory in the way the
LPF was operating. Sadly, the recent resignation of six comrades in 
Victoria from the DSP, all of whom were members of the LPF, confirms 
that, this is true.

> Doesn't this, along with the proposed constitutional tightening
> proposed by a fellow majority leader, add up to a threat to expel the
> opposition?

It does not. While arguing that the most responsible course for the LPF
leadership was to dissolve the faction now, test out the majority
perspectives in a unified way and then take up any differences (and
organise a faction if necessary in the lead up to the next DSP
congress), the report also re-affirmed the right of the minority to
organise as a faction. The national committee also adopted an explicit 
resolution to that effect.

> If this is not the case, how does Boyle explain the fact that his
> carefully constructed majority issued an ultimatum to the minority
> that they should leave the minority faction forthwith, an ultimatum
> that the minority faction rejected in a written statement?

It means that the LPF declined the suggestion.

> Why not publish the main political reports with suitable excisions for
> security reasons so the socialist public can work out whether Boyle is
> giving an accurate picture of the situation in the DSP?

We have done so with the congress reports (see below) and will consider
doing the same with other reports.

Peter Boyle


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