[Marxism] Specific Examples of Fraud in Mex Prez Election

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 6 06:23:45 MDT 2006

I hope AMLO and his supporters are going to vigorously
contest the fraud below?


We will learn in these days, for example, if Lopez
Obrador's accusation today that "3 million" votes were
disappeared from IFE's PREP system, is accurate. This
is a political figure that doesn't have a history of
making factual claims he can't prove. We'll see what
he has in the coming days. 

But in sum, regarding this difference of less than
400,000 votes, the following are missing... 

* 827,000 nullified votes ("hanging chad" tactics). 
* 4,082,000 eligible Mexican voters in the US. 
* 900,000 names shaved at the 11th hour from the list 
* Those above 750 voters at each of 822 special
polling places. 
* A yet to be determined number of misstated returns
in the PREP system. 

Maybe some people consider this a fair election
process. I see it as one intended to exclude the
workers and the poor. As to whether a critical mass of
said workers and poor come to view this the same way
will determine whether Jules or I are correct in our
differing analyses about whether this is "crisis." 

But my view is, after traveling most of the country
the past six months listening to hundreds of hours of
testimony with the Zapatista Other Campaign, the
crisis - the pain and the rage - was here already. The
fraudulent election of 2006 is merely the event that
makes that pain, rage and crisis visible. 

By Al Giordano http://www.narconews.com



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