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This  whole thing is a tragedy. The CWI, SWP and Gallaoway are playing an
>  awful role. Rather than trying to calm things down they are out to make  it
> worse. Presumably on the basis taht to get something they want they  have
> to see the SSP destroyed.

On the contrary, it is the faction around McCombes who want to see the SSP  
turn from a mass party, playing a key role in local and international 
campaigns,  into a purist, ultra-left formation in which identity and lifestyle 
politics  supersede class as the basis of struggle. The vast majority of SSP members  
support Tommy Sheridan, are behind him one hundred percent, in his libel case 
 against the Murdoch Press. The CWI and the SWP have been principled 
throughout,  understanding as they do the necessity of socialists sticking together 
and  fighting back when under attack. Unfortunately, within the SSP, Tommy 
Sheridan  has been an outstanding comrade swimming in a sea of mediocrity for far 
too  long, and a small grouping had been doing their utmost to marginalise and  
destroy his influence within the Party on the basis of his private  life. 
Their treachery - leaking the minutes of private meetings  to the right wing 
press, insisting on prying into Comrade Sheridan's  private life - is what has 
brought the SSP to this  point. Unfortunately for them, this current internal 
crisis has served to  revitalise a Party that had become moribund and 
demoralized. It has reawakened  the grassroots membership.
Rather than the end of the Scottish Socialist Party, this is more like a  
re-birth, with the prospect of a change in leadership bringing people back into  
the fold who'd previously dropped out, dismayed as they were by the turn 
inwards  taken by the current leadership.

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