[Marxism] The myth of the new India

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 6 09:26:39 MDT 2006

Thanks to Louis for posting this fascinating commentary. I hope we get some
comments from comrades in India who know more about this than most of us,

One thing the Indians are lucky for is that they have normal and completely
procutive relations with Cuba. Active economic ties between the countries
has resulted in both biotec cooperation and recently the announcement of
Indian participation in offshore oil exploration contracts. Of course as 
a capitalist society, India is riven with contradictions. Washington's
effort to pit India and China against one another doesn't seem, so far, 
to have borne fruit. We'll see over time. China stupidly tried to invade
India in the early sixties, but hasn't tried anything dumb like that in
the subsequent forty-some years.

One of the more informative foreign websites on Cuba is that of the Indian
embassy here which give you some idea of the extent of the friendly and
positive ties between the two countries. U.S. companies, under the stupid
policies of Washington's blockade, are, outside of the agricultural
sector, denied their opportunity to participate in the lucrative Cuban
market. Cuba, after all, is the best foreign customer which the United
States has, in qualitative terms. That's because Cuba pays cash for its
products bought from the United States. No billing, no credit, no delay.
It's cash up front. Other U.S. businesses would probably love to conduct
business as the agricultural sector does. Alas, Washington stands in the
door, like George Wallace in 1964, blocking long-overdue progress. Cuba
accumulates no debt in its dealings with the United States, either.


Walter Lippmann


NY Times, July 6, 2006
Op-Ed Contributor
The Myth of the New India

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