[Marxism] Journalism: Mild Banter

i.lagardien-alumni at lse.ac.uk i.lagardien-alumni at lse.ac.uk
Thu Jul 6 12:28:22 MDT 2006

Jesse wrote:
STARTS" You should write a letter to the editor of the paper, asking the author to
cite a source or retract his statement. On one hand, your comment may never
see the light of day. On the other, I think there is supposed to be a
standard in journalism where you're supposed to check your facts before you
publish them for the whole world to read. ENDS

In a spirit of mild banter :-)

Jesse... I quit journalism a few years ago and am now struggling to finish a phd.  I am, thus, a failed journalist and a battling grad student... If the search for truth (or facts as truth) were important to journalism there would be no published media in capitalist society.




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