[Marxism] Huber Matos, Re Query re alleged Che quote

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 7 23:12:39 MDT 2006

Sayan writes, "So, what's the actual deal? What did he (Huber Matos)
actually do? Is there something the Wikipedia article is not saying? Just
curious.... would like to know more about this."

Huber Matos tried to get a military coup rolling by issuing a public
"resignation" while gathering all the troops under his command at his
barracks and staying at their head. Huber Matos calculated that the
population and other military units would rally to him. Instead, Commander
of the Revolution Camilo Cienfuegos went out to the province where Matos
was, and rallied the population by broadcasts on the local radio station and
led a march on the garrison, resulting in Matos's arrest without a shot
being fired.

The Wikipedia story about what "really happened" inside the meeting of the
top leadership, is just counterrevolutionary propaganda, but mild compared
to the load of gusano guano that Carlos Petroni dumped on this list. 

Petroni's assertions are imperialist CIA propaganda. The funny thing is that
almost certainly de doesn't get paid for spreading it; he is instead
motivated by the hatred of the Cuban Revolution and its leadership that is a
hallmark of sectarian Trotskyism in Latin America.


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