[Marxism] Open letter to MR

Michael Hoover mhhoover at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 12:05:30 MDT 2006

On 7/8/06, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> Yassamine Mather might be Iranian, but that does not make her an expert on
> her country's economy. In an article written for the CPGB, she stated her
> opposition to Iran having nuclear power--let alone nuclear arms. Why?
> "First of all, Iran, a country with the second largest oil and gas
> reserves
> in the world, does not need nuclear power."
> <<<<<>>>>>

Above is "Western" argument for why Iran does not need to produce nuclear
power to meet its energy needs. Of course, U.S. has large oil and natural
gas resources and *it* uses nuclear energy. In fact, the U.S. nuclear power
industry has been experiencing a revival for some time, with little
attention paid to it, much less, any opposition or resistance.

Significantly, Iran's post-revolution Islamic republic brought a halt to the
deposed Shah's nuclear program, which included an-almost completed reactor
and plans for more than 20 generating plants through contracts with French,
German, and U.S. companies (Carter administration had agreed to 6 U.S. built
facilities). The Iranian government's decision to, in effect, resurrect the
Shah's nuclear program following the war with Iraq that left a large portion
of  the country's oil production and refining capacity out of commission,
included overtures to U.S. companies. Failing to generate any "interest" in
the West - both the first Bush and the Clinton administration pressured the
French and German governments to pressure French and German companies to not
participate - the Iran solicited Russia which wanted to both generate income
and neutralize Teheran with respect to Central Asian Muslim states (Clinton
was unable to convince Russia to forego its involvement).

Some folks maintain that a nuclearized Iran, in bringing about a more
balanced situation vis-avis Israel, will make for increased Middle East
security and stability. In any event, the current regime's nuclear pursuit
is characterized by a feature absent prior to the revolution: the Shah's
"security" from external threat was guaranteed by the U.S.     Michael

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