[Marxism] Visceral Reaction

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 8 12:26:58 MDT 2006

>readers seem to embrace it or despise it, with little middle ground.
>  As for the right-wing blogs, attacks against me have been ratcheted
>up ever since the 'dirty thirty' scandal at UCLA. Hate mail, threats,
>the usual...

Will be sending off a review of Mark Lause's "Young America" to Swans 
pretty soon. After that, I will get to Peter and Ramin Farahmandpur's 
"Teaching Against Global Capitalism and the New Imperialism", which I have 
begin reading. Peter and Ramin's book is, among other things, a broadside 
against postmodernism and who can object to that? 

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