[Marxism] Racists training racists: Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad

nathaniel.thomas at utoronto.ca nathaniel.thomas at utoronto.ca
Sat Jul 8 16:54:48 MDT 2006

> Neo-Nazis "stretch across all branches of service, they are linking up
> across the branches once they're inside, and they are hard-core,"
> Department
> of Defense gang detective Scott Barfield told the Intelligence Report.
> "We've got Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad," he added. "That's a
> problem."

Less of a problem than the fact that US forces are in Baghdad.  While reports
such as these emphasize the appeal of the military to those with a fascistic
mindset, I hope that some (not on this list, of course) don't use this to begin
another "bad apples" defence.  "It's not our defenders of democracy serving our
country that are the problem!  It's the fault of those Nazis infiltrating our
honourable forces!"

This sort of argument also sees its expression in the article's headline "A Few
Bad Men".

I've always found the SPLC material informative and respect their efforts, but
Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad by self-professed fascists is almost a
non-issue next to the actions of the occupation itself.

Not that anyone on the list will likely disagree with me, but I expect we shall
see an emphasis on this report in certain pro-war circles.  Admittedly, the
Pentagon didn't respond to SPLC requesting action regarding a certain soldier,
but portrayed in the light of "Pentagon aware of some bad people in ranks
besmirching the honour of the armed forces, working hard to rid itself of them
as it fights for democracy" it could certainly become part of rhetoric
separating Haditha-type actions from the higher-ups and most importantly
President Bush.


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